Flat Out Further

Our hugely amplified Wave sole commits every available gram of weight low, towards the face – dropping spin rates for even the fastest, downward ball strikers. The Wave sole also allows the ST180 to contract and expand on impact – increasing energy imparted to the ball. The flatter, more efficient flight keeps the faster, high energy 1770 Maraging Steel face under full control.

Image of Jeff Cook,  PGA Tour ManagerJeff Cook, PGA Tour Manager

If you like a wider, larger looking profile – but don’t necessarily want a high spinning flight, the ST180 is a really interesting option. Over the years a lot of our tour players have bucked the trend for smaller fairway woods and this plays nicely into their hands.

Specs and Options

ST180 FW Specification

Loft ° Lie ° Length
#3 15 (13-17) 42.75″
#5 18 (16-20) 42.25″

Availability: Right, left hand available in #3 only
Grip: M31 360

Find an approved Mizuno Fitter or a local fitting day. We recommend you visit one of our facilities before making a purchase.

Club 3d Model