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Multi-Material Construction

A three-year project lead by our Yoro master craftsmen to develop a highly stable, forgiving multi-metal construction iron – which satisfied their aesthetic demands at address. Even with both lightweight Titanium and heavier tungsten parts sealed within its 1025E mild carbon steel head, the MP-18 MMC maintains a similar ‘tour ready’ profile and size to the MP-18 SC.

Image of Chris Voshall, Senior Club EngineerChris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer

The MP-18 MMC is the first multi-material MP iron built in the vision of our master clubmakers – which set standards for looks and aesthetics that this kind of multi-metal construction typically prohibits. It extended our normal two-year development cycle by a full year – but raising the bar that little bit higher delivered a landmark iron.

Specs and Options

MP-18 MMC Specification

Club # Loft ° Lie Angle Offset (inch) Length (inch)
4 22 60 0.138 38.25
5 25 60.5 0.134 37.75
6 28 61 0.13 37.25
7 32 61.5 0.122 36.75
8 36 62 0.114 36.25
9 41 62.5 0.114 35.75
Pw 46 63 0.098 35.50

Dexterity: Right Hand only

The new Shaft Optimizer 3d

With Built in Gyro for Digital Lie Angle Adjustment. The most accurate fitting ever.

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Club 3d Model

MP-18 MMC Video & Media

MP-18 MMC Video & Media