JPX919 Hot Metal
JPX919 Hot Metal


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Balancing ball speed and landing angle

A benchmark in iron design, the JPX919 Hot Metal contains an incredible blend of launch speed and soft, controllable landing angles. The use of high strength Chromoly and seamless cup face construction produces the highest ball speed from any Mizuno iron.

JPX919 Hot Metal, Distance

Chromoly 4140M

Highly resilient material allows new multi-thickness face for astonishing ball speed and feel.

Hot Metal Chromoly
JPX919 Hot Metal, Material
JPX919 Hot Metal, Contruction

Seamless Construction

A one piece cupped geometry produces a surprising level of feedback at high ball speeds.

JPX919 Hot Metal, Sound Ribs

Re-engineered Sound Ribs

Developed to hit specific vibration patterns identified as delivering a satisfying sensation through impact.

JPX919 Hot Metal, Frame

Stability frame

Open at the heel portion to enhance stability, launch and flight apex for soft landing approach shots.

X30 steel wedges with milled grooves

Set matching wedges use a softer material with tour precision milled grooves and face for improved spin and control around the greens.

Club features

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Modified scoring irons

A steeper transition into more compact scoring irons and wedges.

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Pearl Brush

Chrome plating with a new more durable pearl finish to soften the 919s precise lines in high sunlight.

Specs and Options

Club # Lie Angle Loft ° Offset (inch) Length (inch)
4 60 20 0.23 38.5
5 60.5 23 0.211 38
6 61 26 0.191 37.5
7 61.5 30 0.179 37
8 62 35 0.167 36.5
9 62.5 40 0.148 36
PW 63 45 0.128 35.5
GW 63 50 0.106 35.25
SW 63 55 0.087 35.25
LW 63 60 0.087 35.25

Dexterity: RH and LH
Ladies shaft: PX LZ Graphite 3.5 flex at 1/2″ shorter than standard.

Find an approved Mizuno Fitter or a local fitting day. We recommend you visit one of our facilities before making a purchase.

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