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The Adjustable Hybrid

With an eight-way adjustable hosel, the CLK hybrid can be precisely set to fill the distance gap between your longest iron and shortest fairway wood. Mid and slow swing speed players have the option of putting up to four CLK’s in play – creating a wider distance span at the longer end of the bag.

Image of Bill Price, Custom Fit Manager MizunoBill Price, Custom Fit Manager Mizuno

“We all play our CLK’s a little differently – with faster ball speeds, we’ll tend to slot them in before a 3 or 4 iron. For mid and slow swing speeds 2, 3 or even 4 CLK’s in the bag become a great way to maintain some yardage gaps.”

Specs and Options

CLK Specification

Club Loft Lie Length
#2 16 56.5 41″”
#3 19 57 40.5″”
#4 22 57.5 40″”
#5 25 58 39.5″”

Right & Left Hand (LH 3 & 4 only)

The new Shaft Optimizer 3d

With Built in Gyro for Digital Lie Angle Adjustment. The most accurate fitting ever.

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CLK Video & Media

CLK Video & Media