Luke Donald visits Mizuno’s Hiroshima Forging plant

Long time Mizuno forging player gets a new found respect for his irons

Englishman Luke Donald found a new appreciation for his Mizuno MP-5 irons and S5 wedges after a visit to the manufacturer’s exclusive forging facility in Hiroshima Japan.

Donald has played Mizuno irons from his early days learning the game in England, through his record breaking college career, all the way to becoming the world’s #1 ranked player.  Mizuno has taken a similar path with it’s forging facility – having first produced heads at Chuo / Hiroshima in 1968.

Chuo and Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process ensures that its iron heads are manufactured from a single billet of steel.  The stretching, bending and multiple forging process ensures that grains within the metal are exceptionally tight – for the most precise manufacturing tolerances.  The finished heads are near perfect and identical in finish, feel and distance control.  Leading to one of the best known straplines in golf  – Nothing feels like a Mizuno.

Luke Donald took a new appreciation for his irons. “It’s amazing to see the metal go from something so raw to something so beautiful.  There’s such a human element to it – and that really struck me today.”

“It’s easy to get frustrated on the golf course – but after seeing how much goes into the making of these clubs, I shouldn’t get too angry if I hit a bad shot.”


Steel billets delivered to the Hiroshima plant.


Steel billets cut and ready for heating.


Heated billets enter the primary forging stage


After the primary forging stage


Heads re-heated ready for precision forging stage


After the precision forging stage the head is trimmed and ready for finishing


The post atomic bomb remnants of the council buildings in Hiroshima Japan. Location of Mizuno’s exclusive forging facility since 1968.