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Hot Metal Ti9 Face

Hot Metal Ti9 Face

Slightly open at address, with powerful pear shaped profile and thumping feedback, the MP-630 FAST TRACK inspires imagination from the tee. While designed to suit the eye of stronger players, the shallower design and 445cc size will attract a broad range of abilities.

Fiery ball speeds ignited by a HOT METAL Ti9 face are converted into optimized yardage using Mizuno's FAST TRACK adjustable weight tracks. Two 8 gram sliding weights can be quickly re-located in 10 different points, creating a total of 45 finely tuned flight patterns. With weights set closer to the face, spin rates can be reduced for faster ball speeds, with a drop of around 400rpm achievable.

Internal Rib Structure

Internal Rib Structure

The ingenious system can also be quickly adjusted to create both a draw and fade bias. Weights set towards the toe positions, encourage the clubface to lag for a left to right flight. Conversely, weights moved into the heel allow the clubface to rotate for a right to left shape.

Note: FAST TRACK is a fine tuning device, not a fault correction system.

How fast track affects ball flight:

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Loft 8.5 9.5 10.5
Lie 58 58 58
Mens Length 45" 45" 45"
Headsize 445cc 445cc 445cc
Mens Swing
D3-D5 D3-D5 D3-D5
Right hand only


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Mitsubishi Rayon/Mizuno Fubuki

Mitsubishi Rayon/Mizuno Fubuki

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Handicap Guide

Very Low to Low Handicap

Suitable for V.Low - Low Handicap


"Increases the potential to convert extreme ball speeds into even bigger distance gains"

The original FAST TRACK was primarily designed to impact sidespin and the lateral characteristics of ball flight. However we quickly realized that being able to adjust backspin was just as useful.

We focused even more on this aspect with the new FAST TRACK - you can see by the track itself how far forward and back we can take weight from the face.

The new system massively increases the potential of the MP-630 to convert extreme ball speeds into even bigger gains in driving distance.

Masao Nagai, Global Director of R&D

Tech Spec

Tour Ready Profile

Modern 445cc pear shape with open face.


Increased range of settings to fine tune flight characteristics.


Maximum ball speed and increased COR AREA.

CORTECH Face design:

Multi thickness to enhance off centre strikes.

Internal Rib Structure:

Frequency tuned for enhanced feedback.

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