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Smooth Roller

The new Line 90s will help you see your path to target like never before - and roll your putts with the smoothest stroke you've ever made.

Line 90 Putter Top Edge Bevel

As with the original Line 90s, the heavy weight design initiates a rhythmic motion to breed confidence and consistency of strike. A thicker, softer grip than standard amplifies the pure strike effect by eliminating unnecessary hand action.

The Line 90 system uses a sequence of lines placed parallel to the putter face. Human testing showed the Line 90 system to be easier for amateur golfers to visualise than traditional 'straight-back' alignment.

A new top edge bevel and marking, accentuates the Line 90 effect, helping to square the putter face to target.

Line 90 comes in five shapes and both 33.5" and 34.5" shaft lengths.


Mizuno Line-90 M-02 Mizuno Line-90 S-02 Mizuno Line-90 K-02 Mizuno Line-90 T-02 Mizuno Line-90 V-02
Model M-02 S-02 K-02 T-02 V-02
Loft 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Lie 71 71 71 71 71
Length 33.5" / 34.5" 33.5" / 34.5" 33.5" / 34.5" 33.5" / 34.5" 33.5" / 34.5"
Left Handed:
  K-02 only.


Winn Mizuno AVS Midsize

Winn Mizuno AVS Midsize

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Suitable for All Handicap


"Putters that feel right from the moment you pick them up"

"Research shows that a positive mindset is the most significant factor in how often we hole out - whether that be for amateurs or professionals. The Line 90 project is about creating putters that feel right from the moment you pick them up. The thicker grip, heavier weighting and alternative alignment breed the positive emotions you need to make a more assertive stroke. It's hard to ignore the results."

Andy Kikidas, R&D

Tech Spec

Line 90 Alignment:

Alternative to 'straight-back' markings to square face.

Heavyweight Design:

Initiates a rhythmic motion and consistent strike.

Thicker Grip:

Eliminates damaging hand action.

Top edge bevel:

Accentuates the Line 90 effect to square face.

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