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Chris Wood back with MP-650 driver


Chris Wood back with MP-650 driver

Mizuno's Chris Wood has made a promising return to competitive golf with a first round 69 at the Africa Open.  Wood was joint 2nd in the same event in 2011.

After a promising start to the 2011 season, the highly promising Brit struggled with a back problem, before completely missing the last months of the season for rehabilitation.  Wood has spent his time off with a physical conditioning coach to build a more stable base for his comeback.  Wood started chipping again in November before hitting the range in December.

Wood has recently switched to the new Mizuno MP-650 driver - used for his comeback 69 in Africa.  In a recent Twitter post, Wood called the MP-650, "the best driver i have ever hit - period."

Speaking to Mizuno, Chris went a bit further, "When we hit the final prototype, I felt i could move the MP-650 clubhead faster through the air. Plus it’s easier for me to shape the ball. The bigger, high MOI heads are normally designed to hit it straight. You can move it with those heads, but the shape is harder to control; you try to move it two yards, and it moves 10.

"I can control the shape much better with the MP-650.   Although my standard shot is a soft, two-yard fade, I can move it both ways with this driver in my hands.”

Mizuno's Tour Operations Manager for Europe Andy Kikidas was delighted with Chris Wood's return.  "People tend to forget how young Chris is.  He's a huge talent and with a run of tournaments under his belt I think we'll see a different player in 2012."

Watch Chris Wood in his You Tube Driver Video Masterclass.

Images of the MP-650 woods to be shipped February 2012.

Footnote:  Chris Wood finished his 1st event 7th in driving distance, 5th in driving accuracy and 1st in GIR. 



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