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The Game Changer – Forged from Boron infused steel

A mid-sized, one piece Grain Flow Forged iron that comprehensively ends the normal trade-off between precision and distance. Produced from a stronger Boron infused steel billet – the JPX900 Forged boasts a milled pocket and new multi thickness face for increased ball speeds over a wider area. More compact than its predecessor the JPX900 Forged continues to break the rules with its incredible combination of forged feel and ball speed.

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“If we could only make one iron for the world’s golfers to play – it would probably be the JPX900 Forged. It’s beautifully shaped and compact enough for a tour player to throw in the bag. But also incredibly quick off the face and loses very little from miss-hits. There’s almost no compromise to make in any direction.”

Chris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer

Specs and Options

JPX900 Forged Specification

Loft ° Lie ° Length
#4 21 60 38.25″
#5 24 60.5 37.75″
#6 27 61 37.25″
#7 31 61.5 36.75″
#8 35 62 36.25″
#9 40 62.5 35.75″
#PW 45 63 35.5″
#GW 50 63 35.25″

Right & Left Hand

Club 3d Model