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Custom fit golf clubs being shipped from Mizuno's custom fit factory.

Fitté sur-mesure, Assemblage sur-mesure.

Mizuno builds custom equipment to industry leading precision. Our European custom assembly line in Cumbernauld Scotland was established to the same working practices as our original plant in Yoro Japan, yet we commonly dispatch within 5-7 working days of receiving orders (parts allowing).

Our network of Performance Centres, Mizuno Fitters and Swing DNA Fitting Centres will assist in locating the best model and specification for your unique golfing needs.

Swing DNA

Shaft Optimizer 3D

Our award winning Bluetooth Shaft Optimizer and Swing DNA software will guide you to your best iron model and shaft combination.

Ask to use the new Bluetooth Mizuno Shaft Optimizer at your local Swing DNA Fitting Centre.

How Swing DNA works

Take 3 swings for the Swing DNA tests

Take 3 swings

Using the shaft optimizer. Strain gauges within the shaft record how you move the shaft. Golfers are generally surprised how consistent their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ swings are. Variation in the result is nearly always down to inconsistency of strike.
Shaft Optimizer

Enter your data into Swing DNA software

Your fitter will take data from your 3 swings of data and enter into the Swing DNA software. The software will align your unique DNA with a map of custom shafts independently measured and assessed by Mizuno.
Rank Shafts

Rank every shaft for suitability

Our Swing DNA software will rank every available iron shaft (based on their EI curves) as best to worst theoretical match against your swing profile. The new software shows every available shaft in order of suitability.
Test your recommended shafts

Test the recommendations

Your Swing DNA shaft selection is based on science. After hitting the recommended options your fitter will be able to show you real world distances and dispersion. You may decide to promote a lower ranked shaft based on feel and sound. You may even prefer a non optimal flight that suits your eye. You make the final decision.

What Do We Measure?

The Shaft Optimizer measures 5 elements of your swing. Club head speed alone doesn’t dictate which shaft should be most effective for your swing.

Luke Donald
  • Clubhead Speed

    How fast the clubhead and shaft are moving during the swing.

  • Tempo

    How quickly the player transitions from the backswing to the downswing.

  • Shaft Toe Down

    A measure of the bowing of the shaft in a downward direction during the downswing.

  • Shaft Kick Angle

    The amount of shaft forward bending during the downswing motion.

  • Release Factor

    How and when the clubhead and shaft are releasing during the downswing motion.

Player DNA - score de l’Average Optimize

Tour Player Swing DNA

Our DNA software suggests 3 best matched shafts to test - but there are also human factors (eg: feel) that can override the recommendations. The final decision is always down to the player.

  • Eddie Pepperell, Pro Tour player for Mizuno Golf
  • Mitchell

Tour Player Custom Fitting Video

  • Eddie Pepperell fitting video
Eddie Pepperell
  • Headspeed (MPH)
  • Tempo
  • Toe Down
  • Kick Angle
  • Release Factor
Recommended shaft options
Top three
– KBS TOUR S 130g
– C-TAPER X 130g
– Dynamic Gold X 130g
– Project X 6.5 125g
– Project X LZ 6.5 125g
– AMT Tour White X 121g
Top shaft
KBS TOUR X Golf shaft
Eddie Pepperel Mizuno Swing DNA Bend Profile
Player Mizuno Swing DNA Output

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