The Ultimate Mizuno Golf Christmas Gift List 2017

To save the heartache of a ‘so nearly’ gift, here’s nine great golfing options to suit a range of Xmas budgets

Even when selected with the best intentions – there’s nothing worse than a badly chosen golf gift at Christmas.  It’s too close to being a great choice, without quite getting there (just ask a golfer).

Your golf loving partner, family member, friend has very specific tastes – no more likely to want a ball marking kit, or an ‘improve your golf’ book (they’ve got You Tube now).  So to save you the heartache of a ‘so nearly’ gift, here’s a list of 9 great golfing options to suit a range of Xmas budgets.

1. The Safe Choice / JPX-s golf ball (12 pack) 

Mizuno JPX-s ball 12 pack in almost Xmas packaging

Mizuno JPX-s balls:  No golfer ever complained of having too many good golf balls (we use them up).  There’s a range of balls at different prices, for different levels of player.  To play safe, go for the JPX-s which makes a great winter ball for high level players and a treat for the rest of us.   The silver packaging has a hint of Xmas flavour  too.  Google Shop at around £25 per dozen.


2. The  ‘All Weather’ Gift / Winter Mittens RRP £35

Mizuno Winter Mittens – worn between shots

Mizuno Winter Mittens:  A pair of winter mittens take the sting away from frosty mornings (you wear them between shots – not when hitting the ball).  Your golfer won’t believe how insightful you’ve been.  Google shop £30 a pair.

3. The Cosey Option / Breath Thermo Beanie

Breath Thermo Beanie – one size fits all.

Breath Thermo Beanie:  Using a special yarn that generates warmth.  One size fits all.  Google Shop for £25,

4. The Stylish Choice / Breath Thermo half zip 

Breath Thermo 1/2 zip is smart enough to wear away from the course.

Mizuno Breath Thermo 1/2 zip:  Warm and thin enough to play golf, but smart enough that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen out with them afterwards.  Available in 3 colours.  Google shop £70.


5. The Practical Choice / Thermal Paired Gloves 

Mizuno Thermagrip gloves – thin enough for golf, driving and cycling.

Mizuno Thermagrip Gloves If you want to give a gift that stretches past the golf course – these gloves are extra warm but thin enough for a little movement.  Engineered for golfing in extreme cold weather – but also ideal for cycling, driving and walks in the park.  Google Shop £20 a pair.


6.  The Thoughtful Gift / Waterproof Standbag

The BR-DRI WP stand bag keeps your golfer’s spare gloves and score card bone dry.

The BR-DRI WP stand bag is watertight down to the zips – keeping your golfers gloves, score card grips and anything else they might be carrying totally dry.  Assuming they use the colour matching waterproof hood.  Google Shop for £195


7. The Flamboyant Option / Xmas Gilet 

Breath Thermo Gilet available in a festive red.

Breath Thermo Gilet:  Who needs an Xmas jumper when there’s a festive colour gilet on offer.  Also has a heat generating filler and UV ray conversion properties.  Google Shop £80.


8. The Personal Touch / Stamped Wedges

Custom stamp Mizuno wedges with upto 6 characters – example with yardages.

A Stamped Mizuno Wedge (or 2):  You can order a wedge with upto 6 characters on in a variety of colours – your children’s names are a popular choice.  Don’t try and guess the model, loft or the shaft you’ll need order – it’s safer to just ask.  Let the personal stamp be the surprise.  Find your local stockist.  Expect to pay around £140 per wedge.  Stamping is free and last orders pre Xmas are likely to be around Friday 15th December.


9. The Statement Gift / A custom built set of irons

A custom fit set of irons is the ultimate gift – make sure to book a fitting session.

If you really want to make an impression – a fully custom built set of irons is the way to go.  It normally takes 5-7 days from order to dispatch (assuming we have all the parts).  You’ll need to book your golfer a ‘fitting session’ with the local Mizuno clubfitter – this is too big a gift to muck up.  Forgo the element of surprise to get this one absolutely right.  If you want the irons to hand over Xmas day, you’ll need to book the fitting session now.  Or you could make the present the fitting session and hand over a home made voucher with a promise of the irons.  You might want to ‘cap’ the number of clubs they can claim….8 is a good number.  Expect to pay from £130/150 per iron depending on model.  To make it extra special book an appointment at one of our 5 star Performance Fitting Centres.  The cut off date for orders to be delivered pre Xmas is likely to be Friday 15th December.  Though we recommend not cutting it that tight.

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