Nine sets of Mizuno irons in play at The Masters

Resurgence in popularity of Mizuno irons on the US PGA Tour

Since the pull out of Nike from the golf equipment market back in 2016, Mizuno has been the choice of irons for many players out of contract on the PGA Tour.  After a decade of dominance in the iron counts on both the US PGA and European Tours, Mizuno irons had become less commonplace with bigger brands raising the cost of player sponsorship.  The Nike withdrawal changed that – leaving an iron shaped space in their tour player’s bags that Mizuno were happy to fill.

First to spot the resurgence was leading golf site Golf WRX with their revealing article “The hottest irons on tour for players not under contract.”  Read the article.

Now with the Masters up and running, Mizuno are delighted to reveal that 9 players teed off on Thursday with their irons in play – and only one recognised sponsored player in Chris Wood.  A significant increase in the 1 set of irons in play in 2016.  Times are definitely changing in the world of player sponsorship and Mizuno appear to be the manufacturer in best place to take advantage.

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