Mizuno reveals new airtime concept with JPX ball with dimple-cluster design for delayed descent

  1. Dimple-cluster design Micro-dimples activate in descent.
  2. Added airtime through aerodynamic design.
  3. 3 piece construction Soft, responsive playability.

The ‘Dimple-Cluster’ design of the new JPX is a result of a 3 year study into the descent phase of ball flight.

In tandem with the Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Mizuno’s ball engineers found that by focusing on dimple performance in the ‘descent phase’, they could effectively extend airtime and overall distance. The smaller, micro-dimples within the JPX’s cluster pattern take effect at slower speeds – as the ball transitions to descent.

With the added dimension of descent performance – the JPX delivers increased yardage in a soft, responsive package.

Mail AttachmentJPX-dimple-closeup

“The Dimple-Clusters have little effect at higher ball speeds generated at impact. However as the ball peaks and slows, they start to take full effect. By stalling the descent phase just a fraction, we were able to increase the JPX’s overall airtime.” Masashi Tamakoshi – Head of Golf Ball Development.

JPX ball robot test results versus two competitor balls